Laura Koller

Raised on an old-fashioned family farm, Laura grew up surrounded by the love of three generations. As a child, when not at school or helping around the farm, she could be found watching her parents, both professional artists, paint for hours. There, in a studio filled with farm tools, the sharp scent of oils, and the passion of two painters, Laura’s dream of becoming an artist was born.

Beyond her life on the farm, Laura earned a degree in classical music, met her husband, Robert, and started a family. During this period of time, Laura and Robert lived and traveled extensively in the heart of the western United States. Gradually leaving behind her training as a classical musician, Laura began to cultivate her artistic skills in drawing and painting. Largely self-taught, Laura found she enjoyed painting still life, particularly trompe l’oeil, and began to study artists of that genre. Her passion became designing and painting compositions using elements of light and detail to help build the illusion of reality. It was an ideal venue for her to combine her love of art with her love of the west.

Laura’s paintings are more than oil brushed on board. They are an infusion of Western Americana. Men and women from the past, brave pioneers who gave birth to The West as we know it, reach out from Laura’s paintings to connect once more with the world around them. They remind us of romance that blossomed on the prairie or the dangerous work of cowhands under a parching sun. Laura’s art presents a snapshot of life from a bygone era, each painting preserving a fingerprint in time.

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From the past, a legacy for the future.